Thursday, August 05, 2004

FCC Report And Order To Create New 2495-2690 MHz Band

The FCC has recently issue a Report and Order (R&O) which will restructure the 2500-2690 MHz Band to create two new services: BRS (Broadband Radio Service) and EDS (Educational Broadband Service).

As part of the R&O, the FCC will adopt a band plan that restructures the 2500-2690 MHz band into upper and lower-band segments for low-power operations (UBS and LBS, respectively), and a mid-band segment (MBS) for high-power operations. By grouping high and low-power spectrum uses into separate portions of the band, this band plan creates opportunities for spectrum-based systems or devices to migrate to compatible bands based on marketplace forces, and reduces the likelihood of interference caused by incompatible uses.

The new band plan also provides new incentives for the development of low-power cellularized broadband uses of the 2500-2690 MHz band, which have been thwarted by the legacy band structure. The 2495-2500 MHz band will be designated for use in connection with the 2500-2690 MHz band. The FCC will implement geographic area licensing for all licensees in the band.

You can check the following web site for detailed instructions:

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