Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lets share our links..

Hi All,

Hope you all know about my web site (www.whizatpc.com). I am now moving to a different server, where in I have more room to upload lot of things.. I am in a plan to add the following sections:

1. Tools, and Downloads for Windows XP by fellow MVPs.
2. Wallpapers.
3. More Windows XP web site links
4. Featured articles

If you are interested, post your comment. Also, if you have a web site do mention the same in your comment, so that I can add it to the links.. Also, provide small description about the web site.

In the mean time add my web site also to your links section :))

Friday, March 10, 2006

Microsoft Unveils Details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers

The new mobile PC form factor, formerly codenamed “Origami,” provides full Windows functionality with an enhanced touch screen, pen and keyboard input was introduced by Microsoft on 9th March.

UMPCs are a new category of mobile PCs designed to support our increasing mobile lifestyles. They support mobile-tuned user interface features such as touch, pen and dedicated buttons as well as keyboards for convenient access to Windows-based applications on-the-go.

The extremely mobile nature of these devices, together with the richness of Windows PC technology, combine to create a powerful platform for mobile communications, entertainment, gaming and new scenarios such as location-based services as well. The "Origami" project is really our first step toward achieving a big vision.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Microsoft Enhances Windows Live Toolbar Capabilities With Acquisition of Onfolio

Microsoft Corp. announced the acquisition of Onfolio Inc., a Internet research and information management provider.

Onfolio’s technology has been incorporated into the Windows Live™ Toolbar to enhance the way people discover, save and reuse their personal and professional Web research.

The new Onfolio Add-in for the Windows Live Toolbar beta will give people convenient ways to collect information online and organize it on their PCs just like the IE Favorites. People can harness this information by saving it onto their computer so that it can be easily accessed for use in documents, e-mail messages and blog postings. In addition, new online information is easily discovered and accessed through Onfolio’s integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) aggregator and reader. The Windows Live Toolbar beta with the Onfolio Add-in is available now and can be downloaded at

Friday, March 03, 2006

Communiqué is back..

My newsletter, whizatpc Communiqué is back. I started posting the same on 1st of every month.